U.S Presidential Debate ~ Romney Won Obama By 67% To 27%

Ibrahim Salawu October 4, 2012 0

The debate started with a 2 min opening statement for both candidates and president Obama started his opening statement by wishing his wife of 20 years a happy anniversary. Romney followed suit by also congratulating the first family in his opening statement, and added a comic relief by saying that the debate was indeed a place to celebrate a 20th wedding anniversary, leaving the very attentive audience and spectators around the world laughing.
The candidates talked majorly about employment, economy, budget deficit, social security, healthcare amongst other things.
Mit Romney to my surprise came out very crisp, sure and more convincing with his proposed policies, but we all know that talking doesn’t necessarily get the job done.
President Obama on the other hand fell short  yesterday, to the dissapointment of many. He sounded far from his usual confident self, didn’t make enough eye contacts with the cameras, and came across as almost nervous. He also didn’t properly respond to many of Romney’s innuendo’s and sarcasms, but opted to smile and defend his policies, instead of directly  responding to Romney.
Overall, it seemed Romney came more prepared for the debate and was able to think better on his feet than president Obama, even though he has been accused by many of changing his initial policies, and saying anything just to get elected, thereby coming across as a liar to critics.
Further buttressing that Romney was better at the debate is the CNN poll which says Romney won by 67%, while President Obama had 27%. A large margin, you will agree.
I just hope that President Obama comes back with his A-game in the next debate, and reassures many of his followers who seem a bit shaken by his inability to deliver a convincing argument yesterday.
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