Where Did All The Nice People Go?



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Hi y’all, it’s Thursday; a day before the weekend. I am NOT looking forward to the weekend. I don’t know about you, but Mondays to Wednesdays are my own Fridays to Sundays, so I hate how happy everyone is right now. The inspiration for today’s topic came from a song I heard on the radio earlier this week; the song’s title is almost the same as today’s topic, only that “nice” is actually “good”. Listening to the song actually made me wonder for real; where did all the good/nice people go?

Sure, the definition for “nice” is somewhat subjective, but we would all agree that there is a generally accepted idea of who a nice person is. Based on my experience and that of some people I asked, I’d say we have very few, if any nice people in today’s world. Of course, there are those people you’d agree are really nice people, perfect examples of perfection and blah blah; but how well do you know those people? Let me reiterate that the definition of nice here is based on a person’s view of what such a person is or not. Even then, it is safe to say nowadays, everyone is a huge bundle of personal views, ambitions and what not. I’m not saying this is bad, I’m just saying let’s tone down the “ME” and think about “US” sometimes.


I once had a discussion with an elderly friend about the way things were in the past. In this discussion, I found out that neighbors used to check on each other’s kids, people cooked for each other and if you saw someone carrying two really heavy bags, you helped them with one; just because. Nowadays, there’s little or no chance of that happening because; first, everyone is walking too fast to notice whether anyone is carrying four bags or not. I mean we’ve heard news of corpses being in one place without people noticing until they started to stink. What kind of thoughts would make you walk past a corpse about five times without noticing? Good Lord! Another reason is that everyone is so busy checking on themselves and their families and their jobs or academics, and their hustle, and everything that could help them move their lives to the next level. If you are not any of those things, you can’t matter.

So that I do not launch into a full rant about how much nobody cares, let me stop here. To conclude this, I guess the point of this post is to implore you to care more about the things and the people around you. I’m not saying cook for your neighbor or look around for people carrying many many bags and help them, I’m saying pay more attention, try to be more empathetic towards the people around you. Basically, make effort to be nice, to care; dazall.

In the spirit of being nice and caring and all that, you can comment on this post; you can even take a step further and subscribe to this blog. Not pushing you or anything, just saying. Have a great weekend ahead.


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