(VIDEO) Hot Nigerian celeb bachelors that must get married in 2017


It’s sure not an easy task being a celebrity. You have to deal with paparazzi, rumors and fake news, unnecessary scandals and much more. Another thing is having to deal with male and female groupies who just want to get down with you because of your VIP status.celebs

However, this doesn’t mean there are no men and women who would love to get married to certain celebs for genuine reasons. Thankfully, Nigeria’s entertainment content has crossed the borders of the country and foreigners are as interested in our music, movies and superstars as we natives are, hence, there’s an impressive pool of prospective spouses from which to pick.

This is why we hope these 10 hot Nigerian male celebs leave their “forever single” status in 2017, get married real soon and have beautiful kids.

Watch the full video by Accelerate TV below.

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