Lingerie clad models kick off Peta protest at London Fashion week against the use of exotic animal skins


Three lingerie-clad models have kicked off London Fashion Week with Peta protest against the use of animal skins on the catwalk.

Before posing outside the show’s main venue on the Strand in central London, the group stripped off into matching green underwear and crocodile masks.

The organiser of the protest, animal rights charity Peta, is campaigning against the use of exotic animal skins in the fashion industry.

It follows an investigation of crocodile farms which found animals were confined to pits and sometimes still alive when their skin was torn off, Peta said.

Peta spokeswoman Kirsty Henderson said: “We are here to remind people that crocodiles are not handbags – they are living, feeling beings.

“You don’t need the skin of crocodiles to make accessories, that’s why we are calling on everyone from London Fashion Week to the public to leave the exotic skins on the shelf.”

The investigation of crocodile farms in Vietnam is the latest in a number by the charity, which said it has exposed cruelty in reptile farms on three continents.

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