5 best meal replacement shakes


The market of meal replacement is filled with shakes designed to substitute food, assist in losing weight and muscle building. As a rule, the shakes are the powders providing the required volume of minerals, protein, fiber and calories. These meal replacements are usually mixed with water or other liquids (juice, milk) resulting in smoothies or protein shakes.

meal replacementYou may find various websites, including weightlosstop.com, which provide information about cons and pros of numerous shakes and diet products. These supplements are advised to use for the replacement of one or maximum two meals.

The usual purpose of shakes is to manage weight. Their content includes protein, required for carving suppression, fiber, required for better digestion, and other essential minerals, which can be found in fruits or vegetables. The best feature of MR shakes is their convenience. If you have no time to cook a meal or to visit a dining establishment, a shake will serve a good source of the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

Let’s have a look at the selection of the 5 best meal replacement shakes.

18 Shake

This is a truly natural product with good flavor and best feedbacks in the web. 18 Shake offers 90 calories to replace your daily meal and high-quality whey protein. The shake contains no artificial ingredients or stimulants. All of it components are natural, which means that you should not be afraid of possible side effects. The sufficient amount of protein (15g) is enough to suppress appetite for more than 3 hours after the intake. Actually, the formula of this shake is considered the best in the market in 2017. The products is available online for an affordable price – $59.99.


This shake consists of around 70 ingredients of natural origin. Shakeology is a great solution for both meal replacement and losing weight purposes. The digestive enzymes of this product originate from natural sources and are rich in antioxidants, which prevent premature aging. The protein of the shake is of high quality. It contains the required amino acids to support brain function and provide other healthy benefits. The consumers note a great taste and high efficiency of Shakeology, except for its price, which is rather high – $130.

GNC Lean Shake

Lean Shake produced by GNC has the largest amount of protein among the competitors. One serving of this shake carries 25g of whey protein, as well as various minerals and vitamins. This fact makes this supplement especially popular among athletes to gain muscle mass. It is recommended to apply this MR shake within a diet program or training to achieve the best results. 16 servings of this product cost around $45. Consumers will appreciate the flavors options, such as strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

Visalus Vi-Shape

Vi-Shape is a MR product, which will be highly appreciated by the active people conducting healthy lifestyle. The protein content of one serving is 25g, but the quality of protein source is lower than of Lean Shake. In addition, the product provides 1g of fat and less than 1g of sugar. The energy value of Vi-Shape is 90 calories, which is quite enough to be a good meal substitute. A month supply of the shake costs $44, making it one of the most affordable shakes in the market.


The assortment of the Herbalife Company includes shakes, nutrient-dense snacks, and other diet products. Formula 1 is the main diet product of the company. The shake provides 21 natural ingredients including fiber and protein. The product is available in multiple flavors. The disadvantages of the shake are the soy origin of protein and rather significant amount of sugar (9g).

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