Mistakes to avoid with Russian women


Russian women have always been mysterious for Western men. While the dissolution of the Soviet Union should have solved this mystery, Russian women turned out to be even more mysterious for western men upon getting acquainted with them.

russian womenThat mystery, which many western men view as one of the main reasons to date a Russian woman, lies in cultural peculiarities. Western men often complain about their women being too emancipated. It is no surprise that western women being self-sufficient and career-oriented hurts man’s ego. Men still want to be the main supplier in the family, as well as to be treated with respect. And that’s the main reason why Russian women draw their attention.

Feminism has almost no impact in Russia, because of the patriarchal upbringing of the children. Thus, man is the central figure for women. Becoming a great wife, a housekeeper, and a loving mother are the main life goals for Russian girls.

Yes, Russian girl seems to be the woman of your dreams, still there are certain things you need to learn to handle her. You need to avoid typical mistakes that men make, when trying to approach a Russian lady.

People from western countries are full of stereotypes about Russia. The traditional ones are those about bears walking in the streets and the continuous consumption of vodka. Mainly, those stereotypes are as far from the reality as possible. So, if you don’t want to offend the patriotic feeling of your Russian girlfriend, you should dig some information on Russia and its culture, before cracking jokes and expose your deep knowledge of stereotypes.

Although, Russia’s economy is in better shape than it was after the dissolution of the USSR, western men still continue playing heroes. Dating a Russian girl is not a charity act or something. If you see yourself as a saviour of a poor girl from the poor country, you’re on the wrong track. Russia can be poor, but it’s not the reason to devalue her feelings towards her homeland.

Bragging about how rich you are is also not the best thing you can do. Although, your intention can be just showing that you are ready to handle her and her needs, Russian girl can take this talks as you trying to buy her.

Also, when speaking with a Russian girl, you should avoid talking too much about yourself. Yes, you want to get to know each other better, but ‘each other’ are the keywords. That means that you want to hear something from her too. You mustn’t keep quite all the time, but make sure that your conversation is a dialogue, because you wouldn’t want her to think of you as being too egocentric.

Complaining about your exes is a conversational topic to avoid. If she asks you about them, you can point out the main disenchantment in your exes, but don’t go into details. She may assume that the ghosts of past relationships are still haunting you, and no girl dreams about living in the shadow of her boyfriend’s ex.

Last, but not the least, Russian girls are hot, but that doesn’t mean that you should go expressing your sexual desires for her, because she may think that you are interested only in sleeping with her.

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