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The intended purpose of YES Shake by Yoli is to burn fat. The main accent of the shake is made on two patented ingredients. Actually, they represent a mixture of broccoli, pomegranate, cissus, carrot, irvinga, olive leaf, alfalfa, acai, grape seed extract, moringa, maqui, and spinach. Such combination of components should provide a sufficient amount of nutrients. However, the nutritional value of the ingredients was significantly reduced due to dehydration and treatment.

yes shakeEach serving of Yoli Shake contains 12g of whey protein. The quality of the protein is good; however, you should take into account that the fats are removed from this type of protein.

The price of this supplement is $80. For this cost, you obtain a monthly supply of the shake. Considering the nutritional value and quality of ingredients, the price of this diet shake is overestimated.

The major customers’ feedbacks relate to bad taste of this product (vanilla and chocolate flavors are available). In addition, the shake contains unnecessary probiotics.

In short, the quality of Yoli YES Shake is arguable. For this reason, you can pay attention to its alternatives.

Isagenix Isalean Shake

This shake is designed as a meal replacement providing high amount of nutrients. Rach serving of Isagenix Isalean contains 23 minerals and vitamins. In addition, you obtain 24g of protein. However, the protein source is of arguable quality, because it includes up to 90% of weight milk extract. Nevertheless, the shake contains no soy, which can be admitted as an advantage.

In addition to 240 calories, which you consume per one serving, the shake also provides an enormous amount of sugar – 11g. Sugar source is represented by fructose.

The price of Isagenix Isalean Shake is its main drawback, because a standard canister for 14 servings costs $51.95. Hence, if you plan to use the shake as a meal substitute twice a day, the total price will rise above $200.

Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein provides a set of products for losing weight. In addition to MR shakes, the producers offer puddings, snacks, drinks and other diet solutions. The ingredients of the Ideal Protein
shake include thickeners, artificial flavors and sweeteners, as well as cheap protein source. The latter is represented by sodium caseinate and milk concentrate resulting in 18g per serving, which is a sufficient amount. By the way, a whey protein of high quality is also added to the mixture.

The consumers mainly complain about taste and texture of the product. The other feedbacks relate to the price of the shake, because you can buy only the total diet support program. Some customers mentioned huge costs (around $700 for ten weeks).

18 Shake

This shake is the best alternative to the above. The main advantages of 18 Shake are quality fiber and protein, as well as purely natural ingredients. Besides, the content excludes any artificial sweeteners, as well as stimulants.

The minute amount of sugar (less than 1g) and sufficient 90 calories make this shake a perfect solution for weight management. This diet product is available in vanilla and chocolate flavors.

The quality of protein deserves a particular attention. The protein source of the shake comprises Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate, which are the extraction of cheese production. In addition, the protein contains the required amino acids to regulate various processes in the organism.

For the price of $59.99, you get a combination of natural ingredients, such as xanthan gum, stevia extract, folic acid, and others, and the protein source of high quality. The efficiency of 18 Shake is supported by the title of the best MR shake in 2017.

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