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The Stoner Diaries

Stoner Diaries—Episode 1: Stoned Into Cleanliness

Continued from here “Forgive me, I’m wasted; I’m happy, I’m wasted. I’m feeling elevated…..” Vector’s voice boomed out of the speaker as he rapped the words that were fast becoming my mantra, anthem and pledge....

Stoner Diaries—Episode 5: More Than Friends?

Stoner Diaries I wanted to scream; believe me, I almost did. But the thought of any noise waking Dara up had me quieter than a grave yard. I quietly sat up and ignored the throbbing...

Stoner Diaries—Episode 6: Sensei

"Josephina, your friends are here o!" My mother called from the living room. I tried not to feel nervous, because I knew Dara was definitely part of the people waiting for me and the...