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Independent—Episode 11: Crossroads

Kim 'Something is wrong'. That is the first thought I have when I open my eyes, right before blinding light enters and blinds my eyes. I...

Independent—Episode 8: How To Woo A Lady

Kim “…… just dey groove oh oh, oh oh oh; and get in the music. In the musi..ic.” I sing along to one of my...

Independent—Episode 7: Hiding My Heart Away

  Wale “…… everything I’ve ever known, disappeared one day, so I’ll spend my whole life hiding my heart away…..” Kim is singing along with the...

Independent—Episode 5: All is Fair in Love and War

Wale “Unku, what are you doing?” Someone asks from behind me, and I immediately stand up and turn to face her. It’s the errand girl...

What MKO Abiola Told Me About June 12 ~ Son, Lekan

Lekan Abiola was interviewed, Read Below; What do you think about the annulment of the outcome of the 1993 presidential election which your father was...