Hello world!

Hi Readers,

You must be wondering what the eff is this page about? huh?.. .Chill and read-on 🙂

This is my blog and i will be blogging about my daily life as a College Fresher. New to this and dont know much but i’m sure i’d get the Hang of it as soon as i sit down to tweak “wordpress”. Ok lemme introduce myself:

Hi Thats Me
Hi Thats Me

My name is Ibrahim but y’all know me as Arabmoney. Thats my nick-name at least everyone i know calls me that. I was born on the 11th Of August few decades ago(you know it aint much :)). I grew up in the City of Lagos and i am a fresher in The University of Lagos Nigeria. (UNILAG).

I am : Certified #MadtMan ? ?Funny?Smart?Endowed?Student?Hustler?Sexy?badtguy ? #iFollowBack #iTweet #iDownload #iSurf247 #iclub #idrink #lLoveCartoons #iRepNaija ? to sum it up 🙂

Will blog more about myself in subsequent blogs. I hope I give y’all something to look forward to reading and y’all make blogging fun for me.



Trying Out Mobile Blogging


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