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Hello Readers,

While going through my department’s “Notice-Board” at school today i saw the examination results of 100L students and the few students who didn’t do well in their course and have been advised to to withdraw.(Got kicked out!!!)

That really scared the sh*t outta me :(. I wondered how it would feel after the celebration upon gaining admission into the University and after the first session a person gets kicked out. Cant even begin to imagine the shame,disgrace and disappointment the student and parents will feel. Yes it must have been the student’s fault,maybe they don’t attend lectures,take notes,do assignments or even participate in class. Or they just didn’t have access to resources to aid them in their studies or had the wrong approach to studying.

I am a student too and wouldn’t want to go down the same path,determined to be a success against all odds and thats part of the reason i decided to start blogging. I know soon enough i’d get this blog more interactive with YOUR HELP!(Retweets,Mentions and recommendations) and i’d be able to ask questions and get real-time answers and solutions to issues.

I have searched the internet for “Study Tips & Resources” to guide students through the path to academic excellence. I will post my findings on my next post.(Research Still In Progress)

Now we can help students all over the world struggling to get good grades but have nobody to point them in the right direction, I want you all to post “STUDY TIPS” that aid your study and Websites textbooks and other study materials can be read online or downloaded for offline study. Its as simple as that!

Just these 2 things you do can change the life of a youth out there :)…Think about it.

1. Tell us how you study,what aids you while you study. Basically best way to assimilate and not give in to distractions.

2. Paste links to websites with useful resources you would recommend.(Online studies)

Post comments below.

Wish you all a great weekend 😀

Thank You


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