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In my last post ( ) i talked about study tips and resources to get you in the right frame of mind and path to your ultimate academic goal. Here are a few study tips to help you get the required result:


Determination: Be determined. No study material comes with the package of motivation.  Textbooks are so boring that i searched for video tutorials then i discovered anything that has to do with studying is automatically redirected to that part of the brain that screams BORING!!!. I wish i knew how to fix that easily. Determination is the KEY TO SUCCESS. No matter how tiring and boring conclude in your heart you wanna get this done and JUST DO IT!


Be Inspired: Inspiration goes a long way in preparing your mind for the task ahead. So many things inspire us to do greatness. A friend’s failure,A brother’s success,That guy in school getting all the chics cos he helps them with their home-work :). Go discover what inspires you today!


Choose right study material: Another essential part to studying effectively is getting the right study materials. You can’t get materials for Geography and say you wanna study for medicine can you? lol :D. Get the right books for your course,ask your lecturer for recommendations and get them.


Get A Comfortable Environment: Get somewhere quiet and free from distractions with good chair with great back support so you dont strain your neck and back. NOTE: Do not get too comfortable and sleep off oooo! 😀


Allot 2 – 3 hours exclusively to STUDY: Getting the right materials is the first and easiest step. Now  get your hands in the mud and say #ImGoingIn :). Actually set 2-3hours to study,not read. Studying requires a greater level of concentration to assimilate and be able to reproduce what you just read.


Turn off TV/Cell phone: To be honest, I hate this part! 🙁 No TV? No phone calls? What if aliens are invading earth and my friends wanna inform me? Or my favorite brand of chocolate is about to go out of stocks?…Yeah its hard but its neccessary(i still battle with this though :D). Like i said earlier Studying is different from Reading. That concentration needs to be maximized. So go ahead turn the phone off and watch time fly while the book engulfs you into the realm of Einstein 🙂


Give yourself a treat: I know studying is boring yup it iz! After 3hours of blah blah blah c’mon lets have some fun! Go swim or hang out with the crew 😀 Afterall they say all work and no play make Arab a Nerd. I dont mind being a nerd though but for d next 5years? No sir! 😀 I got chics to play with booze to drown in and parties to rock :D. I wanna sing “I LOVE COLLEGE ” like Asher Roth too 🙂


I hope y’all find these tips helpful cos i do. Good luck on your Academic Endeavors! God Bless Us 😀



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