Hope you all been having better days than i have. School resumed on Monday and first day in school wasnt like i anticipated, everything was just strange and lectures didn’t start as scheduled. The experience has been so stressful and i’v come to understand the fact that School Life isn’t gonna be easy for the serious minded students.

Lots of challenges will be faced,parties and other distractions. I learnt the 1st year in school is the most crucial academic year because thats where you build up your G.P.  So far i realised i’d have to wake up as early as 5am everyday and get to school before 7am. I got to school 7:30am both Monday and Tuesday and this is what i saw: o_O

People got to class so early and it was impossible to get a seat in the front. So many people were standing and i was like wow! Its a struggle to get to class before the majority and secure a seat in front of the class where you get a clear view of the bard and get to hear the lecturer audibly. The alternative is to get binoculars and super Mission Impossible type spy audio equipments 🙂

I get to school 7:30am and leave 6pm tired and stressed after the trouble of locating lecture halls and the walks from one place to another,long queue for everything and the officials just piss me off  big-time! Seems they enjoy watching students suffer! This isnt the college i’v seen in American movies 🙁 I guess i’v had unrealistic expectations.

The moment i get home i just fall into the chair and the next moment i’m taking a nap lol. I guess after the first few weeks i will adapt perfectly and find it less stressful. On the bright side I have met lots of people and few few i’v found unacceptable and others fun. The chics are HOT and i’m thinking damn! Its gonna be the best 5years of my life 😀 …*i have to study well and keep my grades up though*  …We were even given an assignment without lectures lmao!

Went to the Gym today to make inquiries and i’m still trynna figure out how to make my schedule to accommodate lectures,study and gym. I wanna get good grades and NOT look like a nerd 😀 I wanna go from this ~~~~>

Wanna leave the 3packs aka hunger packs lol to 6packs 😀

to Cristiano Ronaldo’s sexy six packs 😀 #NOHOMO 😛

I noticed it won’t be possible to update my blog daily as i planned but will try to update bi-weekly.:) I hope you all read and paste comments and share my blog. If you have stuffs you’d love to see on here you can suggest.

Got school stuffs to study right about now and i’m stopping here.See y’all on my next post 😀

Have a great day


To Smash Or NOT To Smash(Laptop)
Welcome To Lagos!!!


  1. Awesome blog, it’s just like a game for me! It’s so infomative and usefull, thanks a lot! If you post more of this great stuff, I’ll visit your blog again!

  2. Lmao nucca when i jst got to skul 4 d 1st tym, twasn’t funny. Good thing urs z in lag…..all d best in ur skul ish mayñe…… Bless…..e ni fe fi cerebro se Spartacus joor ooooo

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