Happy New Year 1~1~2011

Hello Y’all!

Wow! This is 2011 😀 I’m so happy! I’m using this medium to wish You all a Happy New Year! and i pray it will be a great year for us all.

I’m so so sorry i haven’t been updating my blog lately, School  and Life generally have got me so tied up all i ever do in my free time is sleep and tweet. Life in UNILAG hasn’t been easy i tell ya! 🙁  But i promise to update my blog more often this year. 🙂

The First month of school has been very confusing. You know…still familiarizing myself with the environment and getting to know how they run things in school and everything’s just happening so fast sometimes i find myself doing things i don’t understand just cos my peers are doing it.  After figuring i had to spend a lot time in school everyday(Monday~ Sunday)..Yes! I have no weekend breaks. Lectures and tutorials. I figured me attending all those won’t help if i don’t find time to study.

So i decided to utilize the school Library. It was a funny experience because i went in there with the expectation of siting down comfortably and studying to my satisfaction. I got in there and i wasn’t disappointed as the Library is well furnished,and packed with books..(tho most are outdated) and very comfortable…too comfortable i guess cos it was a great battle staying awake with the AC cooling my brain lol 🙂 ..Spent close to 1hr battling to stay awake and after that i got over it and studied for a few hours.

I think imma stick to my Library until i get better alternatives. If you have sudy tips that can really help me please feel free to drop them on d comment page. Will read through this blog for study tips i’v posted earlier. I really wanna excel in my academics…i mean who doesn’t? 🙂

Ok apart from school how was y’allz Xmas? Mine has been too dry..Just plain boring n got ma a** broke this period so fun was a fantasy all through 🙁 Was just at home sleeping n watching t.v. I’m happy i made it to 2011 safe and healthy knowing fully well that where there is Life there is Hope.(i hope dats how d sayn goes)

The year 2011 Shallbe a Year of Divine Visitation, Fulfillment,Bliss,Blessings,Wealth and all the Good things of Life in The Name of Jesus!…Lemme hear y’all say A.M.E.N!!!

Oh yeah! Once again if y’all got suggestions or just tell me how you students manage to get good grades in school i’d really appreciate. Thank you in advance.

its 04:35AM and i’m tired AF!…Gotta go get some sleep. #in2010 so many things will change in my life n tweeting/sleeping habit’s the main focus. Hope y’all didnt get too bored reading this. Drop your comments and Have a great day.


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