Life’s Challenges…

I still don’t know much about blogging. *yeah shame on me* wateva. Not like a formal/informal letter so I don’t need to put address and date nshytz like that do I? Or should I just start with sayn Dear Human Beings Of ????e Earth with access to Internet? Lol. Before I continue I’m trying out WordPress for Blackberry so this might seem unorganised.

My last blog post was 4am 1st of January 2011*New Year’s Day*. Been a while innit? I’m glad I’m alive to make this new post today.

So many has happened ????e past 3months of my Life. Good things,Bad things and things I don’t even know what †? categorise them as.

I was excited about getting into school but 1st semester ????§ done with and I see its hell being in ????e University. School and life just aint easy! I’m learning it ????e hard way…but really is there an easy way to learn life’s hard?

This blog may be regarded as a #Fail according to pro-bloggers and haters but really who cares? I just wanna be heard! *read in this case* ????e comments are welcome but even if I don’t get them #ItzAii

I’m a quiet person but when I’m with people I like †? act crazy. I bottle things up inside no matter what’s going on with •???, some say its pride cos I’d never ask anyone for help but I think its just •??? recognising ????e fact that I’m a #giver. Ok i think its pride 😉

God has blessed •??? really, I used †? complain about acne and oily skin but now I smile every time I look in ????e mirror. Nothing like self esteem issues no more. I get broke occasionally but I still manage †? look ???? and dress fly. As a UNILAG bobo ?????? no easy naw 😀

Been having challenges with Life issues—> School ????§ scary as hell,Family? Its like I’m not part of my family. My lil bro ????§ 19 and a gangsta like literally. He’s been messing with my stuffs and whatever I say ????§ wrong and whatever he does ????§ right! Its like he’s bewitched them and I’ve just given up on them.*sighs*

I was kicked out of ????e house sometime in february things like this affected •??? so much. School was so much challenging,couldn’t concentrate and when ????e time came for examination I think I just lost it. Iv not seen ????e result and I really aint looking forward †? it. Really so much I can’t say here. I live with No Love in my heart right now. Just #Determination because no matter what’s going on in my life I know it just doesn’t matter and shouldn’t affect ????e one thing ????§ life that’ll secure my future—–> Education.

I don’t think this post has added anything †? your life and if you think you have wasted ????e last few minutes of your life reading this I’m sorry….ok I’m not really sorry lmao

Feeling real sad right now but I live in Nigeria so we don’t commit suicide here hehe I’m just gonna channel my energy †? my books and make sure whatever wrong iv done †? my Grade Point(GP) in school I’d be able †? Right.

Hope you all have a great day… I won’t stay long before I make another post. Please Pray For •???

I Love You All

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