What’s Going On?

Right before getting on here to make this post. i had a sort of epiphany, was on a mad rush to get online before i leave that “ZONE” unfortunately i’m out of it. So lets see… Whats this post gonna be about? No that’s not a question cos i already know i’m gonna write about what’s going on.

So really What’s going on? A lot! I haven’t been myself lately. having lots on my mind and NO! tHIS AiNt gOnA Be aNoThEr PoInTlEsS pOsT! 😀 Neither is it gonna be a post bout me talking bout how much my life sucks or sumfin like that. I’v been thinking so much lately and if there is one thing we don’t have alot of its Time. So i’v decided not to waste time anymore. Use the little time i got left in particular areas of my life wisely and make it matter.

Read my blog posts earlier today and i asked myself: What is the theme of my blog and am i following it? Is my blog a vector quantity or a scalar quantity? Damn i couldn’t even answer. I see no reason why anyone would wanna come back here to see if there’s anything new. Guess its time to go places with this blog and its time for  a RE-BRAND!

OK now what’s really going on? I got my second semester exams in a week, i’m slackin behind in some school sturvz, damn i aint been active socially neither have i been a complete nerd. I have just been on the edge of everything. Being on the edge means i remain in my comfort zone, not putting efforts in any particular area. This is changing!

Moved into the hostel bout 3weeks ago and i can say i have finally settled in. Got really cool roommates. Geology undergrad,Medical student,Law undergrads and one from Faculty of Education. They are all very serious minded and i’m so glad i’m in this room. Niggaz be cracking me up and shit! I love and admire these niggaz #NoHomo tho 😀 n yeah their FagJokes crack me up hehe Itz 104 Babyyyyy! !..!- 😉

My second semester examination starts in a week. I have decided to get my sh*t on. Put in all i got, study as much as i can(that means study all night every night)  and make myself and my parents proud. Took my laptop home and i ain’t got an internet enabled phone with me at the moment to reduce distractions.Damn i’m so gonna miss twitter,wordpress,facebook and every other social network i’m on. This is a sacrifice i think will be well worth it. *difficult tho :(*

Got so much on my mind i can’t even stop shuffling them. damn my brain is like a playlist right now with a trillion tracks.(try sorting that out) Ideas,thoughts,plans and so much more. Check back for more posts cos i assure you all you gonna see after this post iz pure L.I.F.E no extras just interesting day by day life of an Akokite. It Can Only Get BETTER!

This blog is meant to be about Life as A Fresher in the University Of Lagos and that’s all its gonna be about. …A FRESHER’S LIFE.

BIOBAKU ~ The Unilag Experience


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