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“Unilag olodo?Why would anyone even use OLODO as a domain name?why would anyone subscribe to a website called unilagolodo?Doesn’t he/she know what olodo is?I mean olodo means dummy! for crying out loud!”… Yeap! thats what most of you must have thought. First what is the general term used to describe the word OLODO?What/Who Is An Olodo?

Olodo /oh-low-doh/

1.) A person with a very low IQ thus the inability to grasp simple facts that others understand effortlessly. Its like comparing Dual core or Pentium-M with Intel Celeron or Comparing Beetle(Ijakpa) with Ferrari. Them no dey the same category at all!


2.) A person who is easily cajoled,distracted from the point of focus resulting in loss of concentration thus making understanding very difficult. Mostly a student who fails in his academics or an apprentice who seems not to understand the basics of his trade.


Synonyms: Dummy,Dullard,fool,oaf,buffoon,Ode,Dokpemu,Mugu,Dundee,Savuri,Mumuni,Sule amongst others. (If your name isSavuri,Mumuni,Sule my apologies #PunIntended)

Ok moving on from the definition of an Olodo.

Why would anyone even use OLODO as a domain name?


We at UnilagOlodo.com have taken it up as a challenge in this constantly evolving world to redefine the word “Olodo”. Contrary to what the world says Olodo’s are, We Say: Olodo’s are gifted young individuals with great intellectual abilities who have not discovered/recognised their potentials. Individuals who if given the right platform to express themselves will excel in any given field they find themselves.


Most of these so-called “Olodo’s” are people with low self-esteem which could be as a result of their environment,peers,bully’s, ITK(i too know) neighbors who constantly shut them up! whenever they try to express themselves amongst other factors,thus making them feel inferior.


The Feeling of “Inferiority Complex” limits the ability and interest of such individuals to mingle with others in the social circle – “where they would have learnt a lot about self-expression and self-confidence to excel in life.” Instead, they remain in their shell with next-to absolutely no belief in themselves and accept they wont amount to anything special.


What are the goals of UnilagOlodo.com?


– To give the youth an avenue to showcase their Talents. Basically Show the World what they Got!

– To help these “Olodo’s” grasp the true purpose of their being and excel in whatever field they find themselves.

– To Transform the Olodo’s of Today into the Greatest Minds of Tomorrow.


How does UnilagOlodo.com intend to achieve  these goals?


– Students(Youths) have the opportunity to post articles on things they need advice on and get advice by others who have had similar experience.

– Articles and Educational Resources will be posted periodically

– Computer and Mobile phone Applications will be uploaded for FREE DOWNLOADS

– Random Articles will be posted. Comics,Romance,stories (Just for fun) Afterall we are youths! We Love to Have Fun 😀

– Upcoming artistes can send their Songs and videos and get them hosted on UnilagOlodo.com

Other means of achieving these goals will be made known in subsequent posts.


What Other Services Does UnilagOlodo.com Offer?


We also offer PR Services for Artistes,Organisations and Companies who need to get the word out about their Brands,Events and Services optimizing Social Media Platforms.


“Unilag” Olodo? Is it Exclusively for Students of the  University of Lagos?


It is NOT just for Students of the  University of Lagos. Student’s of other institutions and Youths generally are also welcome.

“UNILAG” added to it is simply a means of telling YOU this is a platform created By The Youth(mainly students)  for The Youth(Youth-O-Cracy) ;). What better way to do it than associating it with “The University Of First Choice” as we call her 😀


Why would anyone subscribe to a website called unilag olodo?


We at UnilagOlodo.com believe with a little help we can turn things around. Optimism is our watch-word. We see Light when others see Darkness. We are the spark that makes your ideas bright, The same Spark that lights up the dark so you can know your left from your right(re-directing your path).


Subscribing to this medium gives you access to latest posts,articles,resources as they are posted, keeping you abreast of what’s going on so you don’t miss anything.We won’t flood your inbox with spam.(that’s for sure)


UNILAGOLODO.com <~~~ Creating a platform for youths with the little resources available. Great things start small. Lets touch lives!

Its Show Time!
Welcome To UnilagOlodo.com


  1. Standing ovation. I always believed there were no dunces. Just immature and unexpressed minds and talents.

  2. Yeah, I always knew u were crazy. I’m really glad I bookmarked your website since reading it the last time. You are a good writer. You’ve got potential. I really hope I can get around my schedule and laziness to contribute an article. Thumbs Up, OLODO!!!

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