Its Show Time!

 Yo Earth People! Wetin dey sup sef?  😀

        Lotsa sturvs been going on in this dude’s life lately, travels,dreams chasing,wacko thoughts n ish like that. Gonna find time to drop some crazy A** posts telling all ye devout readers bout ’em real soon!After my last post “All You Need To Know” the response has been (((Gboom!))) MASSIVE! Finally with those questions outta the way this rather short post is basically meant to inform and usher y’all into what comes next(Brace Yourselves!).I can safely assume you reading this,yes you! are well-informed about what is all about. If not please read the last post Titled: “ All You Need To Know” to get familiar with the concepts.#OnToTheNext

New Articles will be posted weekly from Monday 29/08/2011 (tomorrow). We will surely deliver so issokay to have high expectations. 🙂

Random” is the keyword. Doesnt necessarily  mean articles will be posted like Scalers(without direction) Articles are gonna be random within the specified categories in the last post. Random in the sense that you see something different every time you visit this page. Different areas of interest will be explored and we do hope you enjoy and participate too.

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