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I said UnilagOlodo.com is gonna touch so many areas didn’t I? Well this is a feli feli short post I’m making to Introduce those of you who don’t know already to a Mobile Application called BuukWorm.Its an Educational application designed for students. Below I’m dropping a few lines about it and a download Link if you are interested. #ThankMeLater 😀

BuukWorm Mobile is a mobile application tool designed to help students boost their academic performance whilst making their student experience more enjoyable. Btw Bookworm(BuukWorm) means NERD,EFIKO.(Opposite of OLODO) lol #MovingOn~~~>

Its features include:

–  A GPA calculator: Yes oh! You can calculate your GP anywhere! Anytime! Best know where you stand academically and start working on improving if need be. And if you are on a 5.0 GP you can like to improve to 5.2 Na!

– A Books Section: Contains a study guide to help student achieve excellent grades plus a dictionary of  quotations to keep the mind focused and motivated. This is rather helpful 🙂

– A Planner Section: Contains a Lecture Timetable and Event Manager which makes storage & retrieval of  schedules and events easier and accessible anywhere, anytime.A much needed Organiser i must say 🙂

– A Games section – Contains brickbreaker smh. It’s boring sha buh at least they made an effort to make it fun lol


-It is designed to work on the most common phone screen resolutions around ((240

X 320) and (128 X 160)).

-It runs on Java powered mobile phones.

-It can be transferred/installed via bluetooth or USB.

-Its installation file size is only 153kB.

Hope every Student/Olodo across Nigeria seeking academic excellence finds buukWorm very useful in tracking his/her academic performance, organizing his/her academic life and Setting new Targets to surpass his/her previous accomplishments.

BuukWorm Mobile is a product of Extracens Limited.
Contact: info@extracens.com



Click Here To Download BuukWorm


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  1. I neva gave dis so much attention b4 mehn.. BiGuPs Cerebro… *nw dwnldn*… WALAI #GBAYI JOR
    *runs 2 twitter 2 post d link*

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