Your Resolutions and You

 A couple of us started this year 2011 with our resolutions, plans, agendas we hoped to achieve before the year  runs out and projects that just has to be completed. A lot has happened during the course of the year; child-birth, death, marriages, break ups, success, failure and the list goes on.

                             I don’t know what you planned to accomplish this year but I remember thinking, it’s  1st December  which means the year has practically ended and I had a 5 point agenda!!!  Then again, did I accomplish it all? Well, I got 3 sorted and 2 are work in progress which is not so bad, although it would have felt better if I got all sorted.
I took time out to ask a couple of friends if they had resolutions and how many they kept to, got these interesting responses from some. Enjoy!!!

Winter– Resolution???  Nah! Nothing like that, on 2nd thought, i will do my calling (what is your calling dear?) Being a healer and I’ve held it off for too long (the look on my face was definitely priceless cos I never pictured Winter as the church type talk more of being a healer!)

Gloria – None! (Why?) No response…….

Curtis – I had projects I couldn’t accomplish (Why?) money and time.

Jackie – I made my service year after a 2 year wait and finally reconciled with my dad. (Nice one bro, then he added) also stopped messing around. (Well, if u say so! Not like I agree with him though)

Rin Rin – None! (Why?) Just wanted to finish school, guess I accomplished that (He’s now serving)

Stanley – I didn’t start the year with any of such…. Just blew with the wind. (A very risky life you live dude)

Philip – None. I live life the way it comes, if it works out, fine. If not, okay by me. I try not to expect much so I don’t get disappointed at the end.(your personal opinion sah!)

            From above responses, I discovered that not much people start the year with thoughts of what they have to accomplish as the year goes by.
Really can’t say it’s a wise choice of living because the first step in goal achievement is creating a game plan! How do we intend to be successful in life if we don’t plan to achieve success? As the popular saying goes “we fail to plan and not plan to fail”.
Season’s greetings… 
PS: my responses are in brackets.
Written by:  Ama Manda Onyia
Twitter: @Amaonyia
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