(POEM) A Love Of Finite Hopes

Steering my mind into directions
My head’s running wild with imaginations
There’s some thoughts I think
That I think I shouldn’t be thinking
But I can’t control
Too timid to face my daemons
I’m hiding behind own my shadow
There’s brightness surrounding while I lay within the umbra
Pulling my knees closer
Shivering with love
chills and pulses of hope
Emotions flooding my vessels
My heart’s thumping

In my ragged clothes
I hope u love me
Even with my distorted mind
I hope u love me
Regardless of my broken soul
I hope u love me
In my hope,there’s no desperation
In my want,there’s no compulsion
If I’m in,I’m in
If not,then I’ll live(leave)
Shed a few tears,might even waste a few years
But,I’ll survive
I’ll still breathe,if God doesn’t seize it
Deja Vu at this juncture,
Scent’s familiar,
Feels the same,I just hope this causes less pain

I agree
There’s mixed emotions
Combined extremes
I might not even make the best decisions
That just makes me human,not so?
I’m bound to err,just as I’m bound to love
It shouldn’t be a sore,from which pain would ooze
Well,whatever you choose,
Your fair choice,like an unbiased die
I’ll survive,I hope
with all my previous words
Let me come out,plain and simple,
I’m in love with u and I hope its mutual.
if its not,well,then its just back to the usual.

Written By: Dolapo Amusat (@theGeekyMidget)

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