Under the scorching eye of the Lagos
I labour daily from dusk till dawn
In my yellow cab with black stripes
I drive through this famous city
Day and night
My seats tell a lot of stories
And though rarely
A little mystery
I nod my head in tune with my stereo
To songs of ‘Eko o ni baje’ always on
the radio
I pick bankers, musicians
Actors and physicians
Even lawyers and “reluctantly” politicians
One even promised i will head all cab drivers
If I carried his posters around until the
elections are over
Now i see him only when I’m home to watch the news
One year gone now, almost two.I once met a rapper
With a hair like palm trees at Tinapa
I had to put on a frown
So i wouldn’t laugh at the ugly clown
Last week, I picked my last prophet
Who left me with no money and a lot
of pamphlets
I once picked two lovers
From the island down to Ikeja
They defiled my taxi
Made me so horny
We almost crashed down the Third
mainland bridge
I love riding through the Island
Crisscrossing the many flyovers
Dropping off and picking up the high class
While staring past the
elegant sky scrappers
I sometimes have lunch close to the Badagry creek
When I’m happy and want to pretend i
am rich
I pick the market women too
From Ebute Meta most times to Mile 2
I’m content with what i do
Cruising this town
Learning all its nooks
I am just forty
Strong and plucky
Yet i have never seen a job better
Than being a Lagos taxi driver.Written By: Anderson Paul
(Poem) What If?


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