(POEM) My First Kiss

Remember when I first kissed you
Never thought am going to lose you
All I Want is to be happy with you.
Am in love with you but don’t want to force you

Never felt this way with other girls
I Wish I could just hear d sound of our wedding bells
Never knew love was real until I fell
Now I have a story am going to tell

You later made me feel love don’t exist
Wish we can b together 2 have our first feast
You always first on my list
Think I cant do without your gist

Anytime I tried to forget about you
Always having this feeling like i Got flu
When the day is bright and the sky is blue
I always wish we can start anew

You know dis feeling is real
Let me prove it to you still
I know dis going to be hard
Baby please don’t let me feel so bad.


Written By: Adekomaiya Adewale
On twitter: @Itz_JPT_Baby

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