1. i think what make wizkids high is his song b/c i remember in 1 of his interview he say music mean eveytin to his his life soul jut like his culture in ma onw understandn i dont care what rumore say or not, not jut b/c wizkids say we his fans should not belive in rumore or b/c am one of his biger fans but i have been on dat shoes b/c and knw hw its feel cos i knw wizkids is gud guy nt jut b/c am sayn its so that people will like his or as if me and wizkids are haven some tin in common NO so peolpe think over thing b/c u sayn dis is trueor nt dat jut its and send ur reply to http://www.stephaniedora@rockmail.com and the name is stephanie or kelly or give me a call o 08137282642 thx every1 lvn ya

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