(POETRY) Cut By Plumb(Heartbroken)

I used to be a lad,once cheerful but now grumpy and bad.
I used to love deeply,but now to care i think is unpleasant and weakly.
I used to be ever certain,so sure of my feelings. But the painful manner in which you tore my heart,exploding to pieces like the ravages of a BOMB.
Alas! I’ve just been CUT BY PLUMB.

Once upon a maiden i cherished and loved,but she not so much as i thought.
We loved at night ever so slowly but dawn came and she left,leaving me lonely. Never was she honest with me,though i knew yet i feigned to be DUMB.
Alas! I’ve just been CUT BY PLUMB.

For a pauper to love a maiden be it a sin? She took my love and dumped it into a bin.
Once i thought your love for me be as big as a giant bread and at the thought of loosing you i crumbled with dread. But now I know that love to be but a CRUMB. 
Alas! I’ve just been CUT BY PLUMB.

Written By: Harry Jones 
Twitter handle: @harry_Jkid

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