(POETRY) Face The Fire

They come in wearing garments of white,pretending to be servants of the light.
They,with ulterior motives do a few good little deeds not because they acknowledge our rights. They do so only to show their might.

Liars they are,wagging their tongues with sweet promises. But when the time comes they forget it by the joy of occupying offices. 

You all who’ve caused the masses pain and disheartenly left us nothing to gain. You all that have come from the mire,in hells depths you shall face the fire.

Oh how easily they compel thee to have faith in them and vote them in fair and free. How cunny they are,stealing the nation’s wealth and running to a far-away land with equal stealth.

Their punishment grave,the consequences dire. In hell they will have to face the fire.
But be it too late for them when from their evil deeds they do tire,they must still face the fire.

Written By: Harry Jones 
Twitter handle: @harry_Jkid

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