(FREEBIES) Zoodrums Website Challenge

radio.zoodrums.com is throwing down the gauntlet to website designers. Are you good or creative enough to design an out-of-the box, top notch, state of the art online radio website?
Why not take on the challenge to create an aesthetic and functional website(just design,no programming) for Radio Zoodrums and stand a chance of winning N50,000

Go through our existing website-radio.zoodrums.com and use the existing features including your own concept. Send your design template to akin@mediastraits.com including a brief on how it works.
Entry for the competition is from Mar 10th to April 10th 2012. 10 designs will be shortlisted before the eventual winner is announced via appopriate media outlets. 

(FREEBIES) RightDealz.com *Enter & Win*
(POEM) Relax Make It Easy

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