D’banj Changes Name On Twitter AGAIN!!! O_o

Its been all over the web that D’banj changed his name on twitter from Dapo D’banj Oyebanjo to Daniel D’banj Banjo. Erm i think uncle just learnt how to change names on twitter because at this very moment i just noticed he has changed it again to D’banj Kokomaster.

Maybe he’s trynna see which fits his swag better or maybe he’s trynna design his twitter bio make e fine small lolz. Buh critics are assuming he’s changing his name to something the oyinbo people can adapt to and easily call him. Dem say na sell out! Hian! Me na Olodo so nothing consine me. “Olori ebi o ba ku… Oooonpe!

Screenshits below tho…














Its high time you make up your damn mind nigga! He prolly laughing his yansh off atm at us screaming bout his name change. I wont be surprised if he tweets “Its Just Twitter #KanyeShrugs” later  😐



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