(MUSIC) Bangin ~ Wole Wole + Kalkulator ft Vogue

A Universal Artist, song writer and a lyrical improviser. Adewale aka (Bangin) R\B,Reggae artist, Born in Lagos and started doing music way back since 1998 with his debut single, “Ghetto Life” released in 2004, Multi talented artiste and song writer, Bangin is out with two great songs, “Wole Wole” and “Kalkulator”.

The R\B and Reggae artiste, a member of the Ghetto Family 
Music is set to take the country by storm just as he is set to release his debut album.
He as collaborated with so many artist, His a universal artist that can blend into any kind of music with his R/B, Ragga style. He controls a musical band called Ghetto Family Music


Listen To Wole Wole

Wole Wole~~~>  DOWNLOAD HERE

Listen To Kalkulator

Kalkulator~~~>  DOWNLOAD HERE

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