(MUSIC) GB ~ Naughty Gurl + Fomi Lori + On To The Next

GB (Gboyega Oredola Suraj) started his music career not too long ago, as a matter of fact on 2010. After his impressive solo songs, GB joined a group called Radical with his co-singer Ladidia. This young talented individual is a medical student in his 3rd year at the School of Medicine in the University of Lagos. Despite his hectic schedule as a result of mixing education and music, GB still has time to go into the booth regularly to compose fine music. Some of the songs are Naughty Girl, Fomi Lori and On To The Next One which he is ready to release. To know more about the budding star please follow him on Twitter @Or3dolz_gb


Listen To Naughty Gurl

Naughty Gurl~~~>  DOWNLOAD HERE

Listen To Fomi Lori

Fomi Lori~~~>  DOWNLOAD HERE

Listen To On To The Next One

On To The Next One~~~>  DOWNLOAD HERE

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(MUSIC) L.C ~ Bad


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