(MUSIC) Stringz ~ I Can’t Really Say

Stringz, real name Afolabi Adewale Kehinde started his music career started at a young age, his excessive love for sounds and instrument made him learn the guitar. That explains why he is called “Stringz”. When ask why he decided to go into music? He answers “I feel music is the key of having a peaceful world, and a soldier of peace is what I am.

The title of the song is “i cant really say” but what i can say is that you are definitely going to enjoy this song that has been on replay all day.


Listen To I Can’t Really Say

[audio http://olodonation.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Stringz-Cant-really-say.mp3]

I Can’t Really Say~~~>  DOWNLOAD HERE

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  1. This song is the bomb,I feel nigerian music industry should not close there eyes on this talent..I love the song thanks.

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