(POEM) Iya Mi

The life of the poor
There were days I went hungry,
And nights I went to bed high on imaginations of food
This was my life
This was my burden
My Mother worked _______ jobs, fill in the gap
Just so we could eat
We had to depend entirely,
On the struggle of an heart-broken woman
A woman too busy to give up,
We saw her walk on thorns, we saw her bleed
She fought against the tides; her struggle was ours’ too
But yet a smile was all she wore, hope was all she breathed
Her shoulders were always high, her steps always firm.
She fought the goliath’s of this world and brought back scraps
Scraps that gave us strength and the hope that we could aim higher
Much higher than the threshold our environment afforded us.
Oh, what wonders the will of a woman can accomplish,
Oh what visions her bravery can actualize
In the midst of all this disappointment,
We always wondered where our father went,
One day I summoned up the courage to ask her
I said: “momma, do we have a father?”
She replied: “Yes son, you have the greatest father,
He is God almighty, he made the universe,
If you are ever lost and unsure,
Just close your eyes get on your knees to pray
He will surely answer you”
“Mommy why are we like this?” I asked,
I will never forget what she said next
“Life is in seasons” she answered
She found happiness in the solace of hard work
She found a rose where others saw thorns
She saw light in pitch black darkness
All the options said: “Give up” but she still chose hope

(POEM) Keep Going


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