(MUSIC) Brandiny ~ Juices In The Sky + You’ve Been Used

BRANDINY whose real name is Ini Mbang is a Nigerian from Akwa-Ibom state.

In 2010 Brandiny kicked off his music career and was signed by B-Hive Entertainment. In 2012 Brandiny released two singles JUICES IN THE SKY and YOU’VE BEEN USED FT ZILLIONS and has performed in several concerts and has thrilled the audience with his fantastic dance moves and luring songs. His continues to attract more fans everywhere he goes with his never empty box of  tricks.

Brandiny was the dance director of the 1st Maltina dance hall advert (that had silhouettes) and was one of the celebrities invited to the AMBO house (2008)

Brandiny was a  judge at these popular reality tv shows:

*Always keep Moving dance competition 2006

*Nigeria’s Hip Hop International Dance championship 2008

*Bring it on National Championship 2009

*Step Dance Championship Adamawa state 2009

*Lucozade boost freestyle TV show 2010,2011

*Dance 234 TV show 2011

In a recent media release Brandiny was described by ACE magazine as The Future of Nigerian Entertainment

Follow him on twitter @Brandiny99 and facebook @Brandiny99

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Listen To Juices In The Sky



Juices In The Sky~~~>  DOWNLOAD HERE

Listen To You’ve Been Used

You’ve Been Used~~~>  DOWNLOAD HERE


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  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally a different and unique sound. I pray you get the necessary support you need to become the next big thing. Now this talent joooo.

  3. First time ??????? r listening to something new in nigeria! Dancing#av been used,have u been used?i have been used.chei!

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