(LEAK) D’Banj ~ Go Down

D’koko Master-D’banj Go Down leaked online,We are all wondering if hes gonna end his music carreer with ‘Oliver Twist’ but he proved us wrong..Listen well,Errr its NOT Don Jazzy Again! I no hear G.o.o.d Music either ! Listen and tell us what you think



Listen To Go Down


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  1. If you guys thinks this is wack, take a good listen to MAVIN Records Allstars – Solar Plexus (Album) and compare it to this nice tune from the koko master… I even wonder if you guys can rock the mic… Make una dey abuse person wey don nack am finish… Na there una go dey when he go win grammy, win this, win that and move ahead…. Useless fools niyin, that’s all I can say…. My advise is that, you guys should jump into Kanji Dam, you nor sabi were e dey… Go Jos….

  2. Hey I.K or wat do u call ur stupid self name,wat ur effin bizness self,which one can u sing before u com here and start critisizing. D’banjs song u fuckin hater,u dat don’t even have a head start nd no future u com here and start beefin someone dat has made it already.. U beta go sit in ur fadas oe room apartment and think of how to succeed… And for y’all haters dat is saying the song is wacked to plug a better headset and listen to the song very well and hear the quality of beat comin out… Tho am stil #teammavin bur d’banj is stil the boss… I love u dbanj and I love his fans also… GO DOWN- my new ringtone muah!

  3. D’banj wack sha.
    DEFINITION OF D’BANJ:ogoro wen day jump go back.
    D’banj just sit dwn 4 illuminati make we knw say na babalawo u b instead of u 2 day insult music.

  4. Nigerian we really fuked up wif d comments so far u guys re just gonna luk lyk h8r in d process of tryin 2 correct imm whc sum of us all did.dis song is ok and dis is just a leak for daht mata dey wil surely sti package d song well cus dat song dosnt av an intro or outro yet so wah re sayin peep.daht song is ok let’s stop h8in on imm pls.fyn if he even join d league of d big bois n gurl daht non of our biz he has his lyf 2 liv n don jazzy has his so wahs d point here,daey re both duin fyn @ start of separation.buh are duwin fyn we just hp 2 more from dem.

  5. Dapo,u no try ooo,am not feelingg the go down at all,smh am missing Don baba’s back up undernate,wish u all d best anyway.

  6. sum pple r jst so stupid 2 realize sumtimz……u called t *wack “trash”song* huh??? v u listened 2 ur baba`z *solar plexus*? watin una fit do sef? punks …..na 2 jst abuse d guy una knw..wu force una hear d song?

  7. I can clearly see he has no style all d way… Don baba has been the back bone of all his good songs nd tune… Dbanj “a dog that will lost will never hear the whistle of the hunter”( aja to ma sonu koni gbo fere olode) this song is wack as hell and I wonder wat you r tryin to prove by doin dis bullshit song thinkin we gona listen.

    This is obviously not a leak. You r tryin 2 impress America and fukin ur own people up. Mumu.
    Go die wit ur illuminati. Bull head pssshhheewww!

    Mavin till I die. I will never stop loving Don Baba nd the whole of Mavin crew.

  8. I hope dis remains LEAKED ….and not OFFICIALLY released…d song nids a beta producer………Mr IK ,let’s be careful of wat we say…what has illuminati got to do wit dis?..c’mon…its d’banj for christ sakes!! His song will always rock air waves wt or wtout kanye west ,…so, deal wit it…even d so called MAVIN’s SOLAR PLEXUS aint even a success…. C’mon where wer u wen MO’HITS CV came out….D truth is dey are all letting us down…let’s criticize dem postively and also encourage dem…dis guys are good!..haba!!! Dis are guys that hv bin here for ova 10 yrs naa

  9. To be honest Dbanj’s style is still dere but this Song is the wackest Song I have heard. I think Dbanj needs Don jazzy and Don jazzy needs D’banj

  10. Wack as hell…u can’t test don jazzy…he is the best..he made u and made us listen to ur trash…the only reason Dbanj exists is cos don jazzy put a listenable beat on his trash…dbanj u failed us all and even when we decided not to talk u opened ur stupid mouth to start talking nonsense..so? If u bought don jazzy a bentley who cares…he could buy himself one based on his works..u haven’t paid even half what u owe him..if not for don baba j..who would listen to ur lyricless trash u call songs?…one secret u need to know.the secret behind your sales and mad love for your songs IDJA..without his beats try a kanye beat on one of your dumb and stupid songs and see where the song will take u…truthfully any song that u make with ur stupid swag and wack lyrics that sells is obviously backed by illumnati…so face it…let’s know if u want to do music or want to become popular the illumnati way…no don jazzy no dbanj…wether u made more money or not in mohits..MAVIN records is rocking naija now…go die with your money and stupid fame and illumnati money…nonsense…IDJA….a loyal fan of don jazzy and once your loyal fan thinks u need a reality check…go low is a stupid track and only illumnati can sell it….GTH

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