(LEAK) Lil Mil ~ Olamide’s Diss

Yo peepz,i dont know what olamide and coded tunes did to Lil Mil but you just gotta listen to this track- Lil Mil Dissing Olamide & Coded Tunes, This is serious and i dont know what might have caused this. Do you think you know? Please share your thoughts…


Listen To Olamide’s Diss

Olamide’s Diss~~~>DOWNLOAD HERE

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  1. Is obvious this guy is mad, retarded etc. Nice beat but he’s just making noise on this nice beat mtchwwwwwwwwwww

  2. Just an advice. For you. Use ur so call brain next time u want to sing.and for dis don’t just bother urself to perform anywhere in agege or abule Egba coz u will still pay for it.MUMU

  3. This guy is indeed a retard he should go look for sumtin else to do he claims he gat swag his words are so full of bullshit..Dissing Olamide is rilly sooo stupid and senseless of this fool call Lil Mill can’t even come up wit a nice stage name imagine Lil Mill na sawmill. He for call himself na idiot…Olamide will always ROCK so lil mill abi na Sawmill go get sumtin better to do.3-|???°?mscheeeeew?????>:/

  4. He is only looking for fame,he is not and never be up to olamide standard…it seems he don’t know the kind of talent God gave olamide..please don’t disgrace ur self ooo lil mil olamide his not ur mate wen if come to singing or rapping let say music as a whole…he is far better..try to dis anoda person and not olamide..cuz he will tear u with rap…Olamide gentle ma on the high way..best yoruba rapper as it now check out for his works nah featuring to badhh

  5. An advice to diz junky..plz music is a state of mind and am sure u r speaking ur goddamm mind…I think u suld tri sometin else u r just making a hell of noice OLAMIDE ia so far gone so better define ur own path

  6. Dis guy is a BIG fooL,if U????? wan diss person find fuji artist diss, U????? R dissing olamide ????? U????? r trying to rap life him. Music is not ur way try somtin els like okada

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