1. Mehn davido you’ve gotten it right after ekuro den overseas and now no visa…mehn A????? triping….nice work dude.buh I don’t mind if U????? follow ???? back on twitter@dipps44.

  2. Well u ar tryin 2 meet up bt u ve 2 mak sure dat ur lyrics is out so dat u can differenciat btwn ur voicin n lyrics.

  3. Fuck this song is Wack… No lyrics its just like voicing …meaningless…try humpty dumpty sat on the wall #nursery rhymes# it would sell berra…..@ most my dog would bark to the Beats…#TAKE IT TO THE HEAD#

  4. Obviously Omo Baba Olowo is truly out to make an impressive debut but I still have my reservations about him. Just hope he isn’t a flash in the pan.

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