(MUSIC) Duno ~ Define Sex

When an Idea finds a Mic, a revolution is born. Duno
(Real names Akpata Osaheni ) also known as “The
Uno” or “DunoMilitant” is a Hip hop artiste, Poet and
music business consultant. Born and raised in Benin
City, Nigeria, he is best known for his creative lyrics,
crisp delivery, and vivid story telling abilities with
electrifying performances.

The corporate player turned entertainer returns back
to his first love which is making music. After a brief
stint with the “suit” and “tie” profession, Duno returns
back to the “MIC” and “Lyrics” profession with his first
OFFICIAL comeback single titled “DEFINE SEX”.

On this single, the normally serious minded emcee
surprisingly gets really slutty as he caresses yours
ears with combinations of wordplay and punchlines
like “its got more styles dan shaolin, positions are
ridiculous, it makes us look stupid, but I don’t want
love I wanna make love cupid”. Duno explains
different definitions to man’s greatest passion in the
simplest ways u never thought of with explicit lyrics
not suitable of persons under 18.

With an album currently in the works, be prepared to
be served with loads of good music from Duno in the
coming months.

“Would you like me to show you”?


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  1. Duno is simply incredible. He brings back good memories of hardcore rap.we ve ran short of it. He is definately going places with his style of music. Kudos brov…….

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