1. By the way watch the video again he appeared several times, i dont where you people watched yours but im sure we didnt watch the same thing

  2. @pexxie and @undergroundkyng you idiots dont know jack about appearances, kanye also appeared for just 5 secs on D’banjs oliver twist video, so you retards should think before open your dirty pile holes to utter nonsense………………………………

  3. Dbanj is the best african artes in 9ja..he Take hip pop to the nest level.. Keyer west one of the best raper in the world.. Dbanj kip it up…

  4. He featured in kanyewests mercy video, would have bn a big deal, but the role he took, was embarassing, and ego shattering… A whole pressident of mohit, appearing for 5secs, acting like a bird at d end… Not cool

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