(BBM RINGTONE) Rick Ross Vs Vector


Ok guys whats poppin’?

I was chillin’ at a friend’s place when i heard Rick Ross’ voice a few times, you know “Huh!” his trademark sound and that was his bbm tone. So i thought to myself : Why do we prefer Oyinbo things to our very own Naija things?

I figured maybe its because we don’t value our own and they don’t make stuff like that for the fans. Ok here’s an experiment, I’v decided to pair Rick Ross(Huh!) vs Vector Tha Viper(Oonu!).

Download & Use as your BBM Ringtone, lets be proud of our very own 🙂

Vector’s (Oonu!)



Rick Ross’ (Huh!)



(VIDEO) Shank ~ Ghetto (Teaser)
(MUSIC) Lil Jojo ~ Konkobelow (Azonto) Ft Olamide


  1. rick ross stays classic inam sayin….hweva vector is a remarkable emcee, we feelin uhm here in carlifonia.

  2. Vector is a cool guy alright nd so is Rick ross buh we all gotta admit the rickross’s bbm tone is classic buh vector’s own aint that cool

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