(ALBUM) D’Ace ~ Streetz Is Military (S.I.M)

*Going Higher – D’Ace ft. Yawa & J. Whizzy*
On this track D’Ace features Fellow upcoming rapper/Lyricist Yawa and Amazing vocalist J.Whizzy. The hook is really catchy and the Verses are on point! This is a really good song and all the guys brought their A-Game on this.

*Put it on Me*
D’Ace talks about an imaginary lady who ‘puts it on him’ and what happens whenever she does. Really descriptive song, and he does really well to carry the listener along all through the song as he waxes lyrical about the said lady. The 3rd erse is really funny, as He raps in Ijesha !!!! Really hillarious! All in all, D’Ace shows some lyrical dexterity on this as he dropped some dope bars.

*Ghana Must go Money*
‘Owo inu shaka, won gbe bo, if u aint talking more money hommie u aint saying nothing’ that really tells us what this song is about. D’Ace once again does well on this track, and drops some really good lines. Definitely worth a listen

*Firigbon- D’Ace ft Dam2y*

Here, D’Ace teams up with an upcoming FEmcee, Dam2y and she really holds her own with some really witty lines. Here, they tell us that strenght really isnt everything…yep, i think brains matter a whole lot too, dont you? This is really one for the streets!

*My Story (Grand Entry)
D’Ace included this as a bonus track on the CD, as it is was recorded for the Grand Entry competition. I really like the song. The hook is really nice and calm, and it talks about how he shouldnt be underestimated and how is shine cannot be blocked. Great song, Nice bars, and the delivery is top notch!


Listen To My Story(Grand Entry)

My Story(Grand Entry)~~~>DOWNLOAD HERE

Listen To Put It On Me


Listen To Firigbon ft Dam2y

Firigbon ft Dam2y~~~>DOWNLOAD HERE

Listen To Ghana Must Go Money

Ghana Must Go Money~~~>DOWNLOAD HERE

Listen To Going Higher

Going Higher~~~>DOWNLOAD HERE

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