(ARTICLE) The Motorcycle Menace by @SwaggaDoctor

Sometimes,when i sit beside my window and watch this motorcyclist speed past my house joyfully like a bird that has just gain its freedom,i feel they’re are just trying to console themselves of the terrible state in which the country is.
It is regarded as the fastest means of getting to wherever you want to go in Lagos,Nigeria. Even under intense traffic,an okada rider will still find his way out in order to satisfy his passenger..

The Motorcycle also known as “OKADA” is also a dangerous “vehicular object”,it has sent thousands of people to their early grave,those who luckily escape death have been inflicted with plethora of injuries. Some have become disabled due to the reckless way this Okada Riders operate.

The government has decided that an Okada Man who has no Crash Helmet and a spare for his Passenger would be arrested and penalized… Some of this riders still defy the orders of the government,those who even adhered to the instructions went out and purchase a site engineers helmet… Which they believe is manageable due to the high cost of the original crash helmet…
An Okada can sit just one person comfortably,but in Lagos,five people can sit on it…

The rapid increase of the Tricycle also known as “KEKE MARWA” as really helped in some situations,because it is cheaper and safer..

There is no place in Lagos that you won’t find the KEKE MARWA. From the slum areas,to the high brow areas… The KEKE MARWA can sit three people comfortably.. It has a shelter like covering that prevents rain or sunshine from coming directly to you… It is limited in speed.
I think the KEKE MARWA has in one way or the other reduce the OKADA MENACE in Lagos.


Food For Thought: Patience by @SwaggaDoctor
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