(NEWS) Balotelli’s ex writes emotional open letter to him



After asking for a paternity test and saying there was no hope of them reconciling in a statement released last week, the Italian footballer’s pregnant ex-girlfriend has penned down an emotional open letter to him. The letter was published in the current edition of Italian weekly magazine, Chi. Below is what she wrote:
This child I desire with all my heart and I want it because it is not a child that arrived by chance but instead it is the fruit of love between two people and you know well what I am talking about.
This letter was the only way I could speak to you. I am happy to take the DNA test but I still have the text messages you sent me from Krakow (during Euro 2012) in which you said you were happy with the news I had given you.
Even if the events of life have separated us you will be a present and responsible father, as well as one being full of love for his child. You know full well where to find me and I will always be ready to speak with you about the future of your child. Of our child.”
I’m writing this letter because I was left deeply hurt as a woman but also as a mother by what you said in your cold statement.
I find it unfair on your part that you wrote (if you indeed did write it) the insinuation that I was cashing in on the birth of our child.
Dear Mario, and allow me to call you that, I have not been paid for any interview in which I spoke highly of you and of the life together I wanted and where I confirmed rumours that I was pregnant – my tummy is getting bigger all the time and it’s not easy to hide.



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