(NEWS) FG insists that corpers will be posted to volatile Northern States



The Minister of Youth Development, Alhaji Inuwa Abdulkadir, said yesterday at a news conference in Abuja that corps members will be posted to troubled Northern States whether they like it or not. And the ones that have already been posted will not be redeployed. You can read his reasons HERE

I don’t understand why the government is insisting on these postings. Why risk the lives of these young graduates? Y’all remember the number of youth corpers burnt alive in the North during last year’s presidential election? If only corporate bodies/employers of labour would employ graduates with or without the National Youth Service Corps certificate.



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  1. Am so sure his childern are serving in abuja,or outside the country.Nigeria is a rotten country,a country who doesn’t give a damn about its citizens.Imagine after a leader has seen killings and crisis going on in troubled states he still wants Nigerian youths,leaders of tomorrow to go and get get killed.This country is at the brinks of a revoultion,that will shake the world.Mr President,oh!!!!!,Nigeria oh!!!!!!

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