(GISTZ) DJ Tee Allegedly Throws Hot Iron At Wife Weeks

Barely a month after popular cinematographer, Adetokunbo Odubawo better known as DJ Tee was alleged to have stabbed an up and coming artiste, the ex-hubby of Joke Jaiyesimi has again been dragged into another dirty water.

This time, the German born Nigerian ex-military personnel is alleged to have thrown a hot pressing iron at his wife. A source close to this former soldier, who has gone for a peace-keeping mission in Africa, said, he was shocked to witness his friend one morning, when he went to see him at home, having a very hot argument with his wife.
The wife, according to the source was trying to explain her own reasons for doing what led to their argument and like a fierce storm, DJ Tee who was ironing his clothes, threw the hot iron at his wife and even ran after her to beat her.

A family source told Nigeriafilms.com, “that day, I became fearful of him because I have never seen him in such an ugly mood before.”

DJ Tee is believed to be a man with poor anger management. He is said to be highly temperamental. DJ Tee is bless with children and hails from Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State.

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