(GISTZ) ‘I am quitting Nollywood temporarily’ ~ Emeka Ike

Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, has said he’s leaving Nollywood temporarily to strategies. Speaking to an Encomium reporter exclusively on Sunday July 22nd, the actor said:
“I have not quit Nollywood in the real sense of the word. What I did was to withdraw all my movies from the market, and I mean all the movies that are related with Emeka Ike…and the reason is not far fetched. I am angry with what is going on in the industry. My conscience would not allow me to go on with the decay in the industry. So, I feel that was the best thing to do, to dissociate myself from the problem and stand out! So, henceforth, any Nollywood movie would not involve Emeka Ike. Rather, I want to market all my movies on the label of Emeka Ike Production. If you want to deal with me as an actor, you have to work with me under the label. That clearly separates me from Nollywood

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