(MUZIK) SGT Plus ~ Cassanova ft Pherowshuz, Allams & Teddy Kings + Be Ready ft Meje

One of Nigeria’s most promising rappers, Sgt. Plus (Dimi3) is back in the building after being quiet during the first half of 2012. The rapper who dropped Afi Wo last year and My Sexy with Shifi of STyl Plus has been working in the lab, creating brand new music for his fans. Now packed with enough songs to make more than a dent in the game, Sgt. Plus is about to fire on all cylinders.

The gifted rapper has two new songs titled Be Ready featuring Meje and Cassanova featuring Pherowshuz, Teddy Kings & Allams. Please take a listen to them. It’s just a preview of what is about to come from Sgt.


Listen To Cassanova

Cassanova~~~>DOWNLOAD HERE

Listen To Be Ready


(MUZIK) Jonez ~ Breathless (freestyle)
(MUZIK) JiGi ~ Bonnie & Clyde(Jay Z Cover)


  1. I love u sgt plus ya voice is really. Deep and sexy. Cassanova is a club banger while be ready is really deep n tight. Can’t wait to see ya videos

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