(GISTZ) The Toni Payne Show Kicks Off

The Toni Payne Show is a trail-blazing television talk show that can be described as fun, educative, emotional, mind bending television programming. It pushes boundaries discussing edgy societal, family, relationship, self help topics and more.
Hosted by the energetic and witty Toni Payne, the Toni Payne Show not only tackles serious issues in relaxed and fun way, but it also brings a unique presentation, and comprises of different, fun segments that range from comedy to educating, informative and inspiring. The format of the show does not leave the viewers out but also offers a chance for interaction with viewers via our various online and offline mediums.
Toni Payne brings her uniqueness and wit to a show that will keep you glued to your TV from start to finish while leaving you wanting for more. With each segment structured to serve specific purpose, the show is designed for all types of viewers regardless of age, gender, belief or religion. Nice!
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