(GISTZ) Jim Iyke Goes Nude With Ghanian Actress In New Movie


Controversial actor Jim Iyke is in the news again o, but this time around, he is joined by daring Ghanian actress Nikki Samonas whom he acts naked with in the movie; My First Wife.

When I first heard about the uncensored porn sex scene from the movie, I thought it was all hype. But low and behold, I saw the pictures and movie, and my perception changed.

Ahnahn, bet why??? Even in Hollywood, the most daring a reputable actor can be is to go nude, not suck on a woman’s breast! Yes o, Jim Iyke in this movie was seen sucking on actress Nikki Samonas boobs…Yes, I know you’re equally as shocked as I am, particularly when the movie in question is not porn.

As for the Ghanian actress I’m far from surprised, as it is no longer news that many Ghanian actors/actresses go the extra daring mile as far as acting nude, and executing provocative scenes is concerned. We have in the past seen actors like Majid bare their butt all in “Why Marry” & John Dumelo in “Men in Love” and “4 Play. Jim Iyke has now followed suit, and as far as I know, he is the first Nigerian actor to take on such a role. I stand to be corrected however.
At this point, I must give props to our Nigerian actresses and actors, who despite being offered huge sums of money reject such roles because they understand the phrase *dignity in labour*.
As much as we want our industry to grow, this is Africa abeg, there should be a drawn line between proffessionalism and sheer indignity!
Watch the movie in question MY FIRST WIFE


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