(GISTZ) Ritualists Kill Girl, Remove Tongue, Breasts & Clitoris


Ogere in Ogun State has been taken over by a group of ritualists who lay ambush for their victims around Lagos-Sagamu expressway. one of their latest victims,   a young girl was kidnapped on her to Lagos from Port Harcourt and taken away at gun point for a ritual action.

Two weeks after she was kidnapped , her body was found around the same place she was taken away. However, it was discovered that vital parts of her body were removed. The parts include her tongue, breasts and clitoris . It was revealed that the same incident happened along the same road a week ago.

The 25 year old victim, Miss Tonia Ibelefa, was traveling alongside other two male relations i when the incident happened.

An eye witness account confirmed that the armed ritualists blocked the expressway, dragged the young lady out of the car and took her into the bush, as the other two occupants of the the private car were put under serious check by the criminals who put  a gun on their heads.

Miss Tonia was a graduate of University of Port Harcourt.

“She is the one we want and you must surrender her,” the ritualists told the two men, according to the witness.

The eye witness affirmed that the matter was immediately reported to the police for onward investigation as the family members really didn’t think that the incident would result to the death of Tonia. They had earlier concluded that it was a rape case until all effort towards rescuing Tonia failed.

Amazingly, Tonia’s parents received a strange call  directing them to pick the corpse of their daughter from a point close to where the incident happened.

Tonia’s elder sister had disclosed that Tonia’s body was still very fresh when it was picked up, and asserted that it was possible she was not killed immediately she was kidnapped.


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