I Didn’t Tell Don Jazzy To “Shut Up” ~ OJB Jezreel


Saw this picture above on people’s Blackberry Messenger Display Pictures earlier criticizing OJB Jezreel for telling Don Jazzy to “Shut Up”. Apparently a magazine misquoted OJB Jezreel and put “Don Jazzy Should Shut Up ~ OJB” on its front cover. I was informed the Magazine is called “Latest Magazine”.

So i contacted Him(OJB) to get his side of the story. He said He was interviewed sometime ago and towards the end he was asked what he thought about the Mo’Hits split & what he thought about it. He simply replied “I think Mo’Hits Record was successful till its untimely end. Both parties involved(Don Jazzy & D’banj) must have benefited from it and should definitely resolve their issues amicably ”

He was shocked when he started getting calls from close friends asking if it was true.

OJB Jezreel DIDNT Tell Don Jazzy to SHUT UP. Latest Magazine Purposely Misquoted Him To Boost Sales 😐


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